About Us

Celebrate Food



Collaborative Commitment to Service, Innovation, and Quality

From innovative dishes and striking design to critical attention to detail and impeccable service, we weave the elements of our mission into all that we do.

Great Performances was founded as a waitress staffing agency with the goal of offering a flexible source of income for women in the arts. More than three decades later and several changes to our business concept, we have maintained an active commitment to service, innovation and quality. We continue to push our limitations and set the pace for industry best practices.



Food Philosophy

Exceptionally Delicious Food, thoughtfully sourced ingredients

Great Performances' catering menus are a celebration of contemporary American cuisine, maintaining a strong emphasis on seasonality and the sustainable sourcing of ingredients.

Our chefs are deeply engaged with the impact of their menu choices, involving staff and clients in conversations about balancing ingredients, portion size, food waste and rescue, seasonality, plant-forward dishes, and sourcing transparency. Whether a dish is traditional or out of the box, it has the Great Performances touch that makes it exquisite. We incorporate ingredients from ancient worlds and the legendary spice trail, reflecting the brilliance of the melting pot that defines New York City. From the process of sourcing ingredients to developing a dish and styling the plate, we respect the integrity of our food.




Helping Our Clients and Partners Achieve Greatness

Great Performances plans, staffs and caters events for clients of all sorts and celebrations of all sizes. From small, intimate gatherings to large, elaborate productions, we bring professionalism, skill and care to each client project.

Our range of capabilities includes full-service, catering, beverage service, service staffing, venue selection, design and special event production. We also operate cafés, restaurants, concessions and amenity programs for nonprofit and corporate institutions.




Hospitality professionals who care deeply

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We take a tailored approach in which each event is unique to the client's needs and goals. We have a varied and experienced network of event professionals and all of our event and service staff are trained under our proprietary GP University program.

Great Performances represents a diverse family of event professionals, partners and clients in which we have built long standing relationships and continually draw inspiration from. We work side-by-side with local growers and purveyors to bring the best of the season to your table.