A Night in the Emerald City


By Kelsey Butler

Sneha Mehta's and Rajan's Mehta's wedding celebration on January 5th kicked off the Plaza’s 2019 wedding season. We were honored to host the final reception to complete their 3-day celebration. Sonal Shah pulled out all the stops in planning, alongside Design House Décor and Chef Guarav as the caterer, to make this event “one for the books.” Words can’t describe the transformation of the Grand Ballroom as it turned into what we like to call, “The Emerald City.”


©Clane Gessel


As a lush, fluffy white carpet was placed over the Grand Ballroom’s existing carpet, the massive transformation began. This was followed by a custom-made abstract dance floor in shades of green, blue and gold trim, which reflected the candles on the surrounding tables. Above the floor, hanging from the ceiling, was a massive installation piece composed of individual green and gold acrylic strips which drew your eyes upward.


Our favorite cake designer, Ron Ben-Israel, took inspiration from the dance floor and mirrored pieces of it on his glamorous green cake. A unique highlight from the evening included passed “Molecular Cocktail Spheres” by The Grand Bevy, a treat for your eyes and taste buds.

Guests danced the night away while enjoying an elegant buffet dinner of numerous flavors of Southeast Asia, followed by an elaborate dessert buffet and nitrogen ice cream from 321Chillz. DJ Suhel ended the evening just after midnight with one last song, and guests bid farewell to the wonderful couple, and their magical night, in the great “Emerald City.”